Tara Aaron

tara-largeTara is the person at Aaron | Sanders you go to see when you don’t need to go to court. (You’d go see Rick for that work). Tara handles the transactional needs of the firm’s clients. She started her law career in 2004 at Stites & Harbison where she worked on copyright, trademark, and patent transactions. She went to her first Geek Breakfast in 2010, and a year later launched Aaron | Sanders with Rick. She still thinks it was one of the best ideas she’s ever had.

Tara has been a guest blogger for IPKat, a London-based intellectual property blog, and has recently been published through Oxford University Press UK as a contributor to a book for intellectual property practitioners and academics (you can get it here). She has plans to put out her very own book if she can only find the time. She also gives lots of lectures to artists, techies, non-IP lawyers and international lawyers about all manner of copyright and trademark issues. Her blogs at IP Breakdown tend to explore the real-life implications for clients of whatever neat thing the courts have done recently, and she authors the Practical Guide Series to give clients answers to common (but not always easy) intellectual property questions.

If she could, she’d do all her writing from 33,000 feet in a plane on her way to wherever. Tara enjoys traveling – anyone who knows her will you tell you that is an epic understatement. But she’s also happy when she’s home tending to her tiny garden and her not-so-tiny basset hounds, and reading (about travel). And she sings a little too. Tara’s favorite thing about being a lawyer is knowing she can make her clients‘ businesses a little safer with good clear contracts.

You can read more about Tara at the Aaron | Sanders firm website, here.