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Apple v. Samsung: Some Perspective on One Beeill-yun Dollars!

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Dr. Evil Returns!

Almost immediately after the jury in the Apple v. Samsung patent/trade-dress case returned its verdict, the twitterverse was buzzing with Dr. Evil jokes. Try as you might, but you couldn’t say, “$1 billion” without either cracking up, or doing Dr. Evil’s little pinky thing.* Try it. You just can’t.**

* Huh, it looks like he actually says, “$100 billion.”

** As a means of counteracting the Dr. Evil thing, I tried doing it with a Carl Sagan impersonation—bill-yuns and bill-yuns of years ago—but it didn’t feel right.

I did my best to ignore the case while the trial was going on—there’s only so much a guy can take—but when I heard last Friday that the jury was about to return its verdict, I couldn’t resist the siren call of The Verge’s liveblogging. At first, I didn’t think it was a big deal, until I realized my brain was reducing every monetary figure by a magnitude—a defense mechanism against insanity, I think. And when you totaled it all up, yup, it was Dr. Evil time.

I’ve been asked about the verdict a lot at CoderFaire over the weekend, and Monday I was interviewed about it by the Nashville Business…

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