Rick Sanders

rick-largeRick is the litigation half of Aaron | Sanders PLLC, in Nashville, Tennessee (Tara is the transaction half), and he is also an adjunct professor at Vanderbilt University Law School, where he teaches copyright law. Rick started his legal practice at the Silicon Valley firm of Fenwick & West, where he worked on copyright, patent, and other lawsuits related to software, internet and technology. He moved to Nashville in 2004, where he worked as an associate and a partner for Waller, one of Nashville’s largest full-service law firms. His practice expanded to include trademark work, both in court and before the TTAB. He later met Tara at a copyright conference he was producing, and they decided that, in order to work with more technology-related clients and start-ups—like what he was used in Silicon Valley—they would have to start their own firm, which they did in 2011. He has no regrets about that decision.

In addition to blogging, Rick writes extensively about IP and internet-related issues, most notably about the “making available” right in file-sharing cases, which was published by the Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology; and about how courts’ misunderstanding the history of the internet and the world wide web has caused them to misinterpret the Stored Communications Act, which was published by Aspatore Books. Rick says the best thing about being a lawyer is that you get to meet such a wide variety of interesting people and learn a little bit about almost everything.

Rick enjoys managing the firm, copyright law; talking about IP law to entrepreneurs (and really anyone who’ll listen); everything having to do with Shakespeare (and the Nashville Shakespeare Festival); Medieval and Classical history; listening to music (especially by local Nashville artists); the history of computers and the internet; expressing skepticism at your pet social or political theory; discussing science-fiction with his elder daughter; reading “Elephant and Piggie” books to his younger daughter (it is hoped Rick will update this portion of his blog before she becomes a teenager); Game of Thrones (the books and the series); the Oxford Comma; and watching the Cal Bears, San Francisco 49ers and Oakland A’s win.

For more, read Rick’s full bio at the Aaron | Sanders firm website