We truly enjoyed our time and our colleagues at the Boardroom in Green Hills, but we could not be more excited about our new space at the Trolley Barns at Rolling Mill Hills!  We finally completed our move on Monday.  Sure, there are still boxes everywhere and we’re still trying to work out fundamentals like mail and trash, but we probably aren’t the first new business in town to suffer these inconveniences.  The space is beautiful and we love our neighbors EMMA, Cell Journalist, and the Arts and Business Council. We look forward to hosting you here soon.  Plus, our lot is great overflow parking for CREMA.

Our new address, for your records, is 11 Lea Avenue, Suite 606, Nashville, TN 37210.  Rick’s number is 615-734-1188, and Tara’s is 615-734-1122.  Our fax number is 615-250-9807.  Our email addresses and website are still the same – www.aaronsanderslaw.com, rick@aaronsanderslaw.com, and tara@aaronsanderslaw.com.  Keep in touch!