Not long after we opened the firm, Tara got an invitation to co-author a book entitled “Overlapping Intellectual Property Rights,” to be published by Oxford University Press. Two dozen intellectual property practitioners and professors from around the world collaborated on this project. Tara was able to deepen her understanding of U.S. trademark law, and learn a lot about the book industry in the process. We are proud to announce that “Overlapping Intellectual Property Rights” has now been published in the U.K. and will publish very soon in the United States. Tara is thrilled to finally go from being an “almost published” author to the real thing!

The book contains sixteen chapters – each takes a careful look at two aspects of intellectual property (copyright, trademark, patent, trade secrets, unfair competition, and all manner of subcategories of each) and explains the intersection of those two aspects, both natural and problematic. It will be an excellent addition to the bookshelf for anyone who regularly practices in or otherwise encounters intellectual property issues, particularly with an international bent. Tara (and certainly all of her co-authors) hope that you will find it to be a useful and even enjoyable addition to your reference materials. And of course, Tara is happy to answer questions about the material in Chapter 16, or field questions to the right experts who authored other portions of the book.

And so, we proudly present: